General terms and conditions

By using the service provided for the creation of online advent calendars ("Tü"), you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Object of the GTC

Tü is an offer of Die Schittigs GmbH, Erthalstr. 9, 63739 Aschaffenburg ("The Schittigs GmbH").

The following general terms and conditions ("GTC") govern the use of Tü The user agrees to the use of the terms and conditions. The services of Tü are free of charge and exclusively for private purposes. Any commercial use requires permission from Die Schittigs GmbH.

2. Services of Tü

Access to calendars created with Tü is not protected. Anyone with the link to the calendar can view the content.
We strive to keep the service constantly online and to avoid server failures. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee that Tü is always fault-free and secure. Tü may be restricted or terminated without any claims on the part of users of Die Schittigs GmbH arising therefrom. By using Tü, you agree that we are not responsible for errors in the storage, forwarding, deletion or loss of data.

3. Responsibility of users

Users are personally responsible for uploading private images at Tü By uploading images, you agree to own all necessary rights. We assume no liability for the content uploaded by users to their own calendars. We prohibit the upload of any data that is illegal, racist, right-radical or child pornographic, harmful to our software. You consent to the use of Tü not to send any harmful software, such as viruses, worms, malware, junk mail, spam, phishing mails or unauthorized advertising. We reserve the right to delete calendars immediately, especially in the event of violations of these General Terms and Conditions, against the generally accepted rules and practices ("Netiquette") or against applicable law. You will indemnify and defend Die Schittigs GmbH and its employees against all claims of third parties, damages, losses and expenses, including the costs of a legal dispute, in any way connected with their use of the service or infringement of the law Terms and Conditions.

4. Content

As far as links lead to external pages, this does not mean that Tü makes its own content. If material is provided directly by Tü, this is protected by copyright. Each use must be approved in advance.